Criminal Law

The criminal law of the United Arab Emirates is a federal law that is part of its principles derived from the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Our office includes a team of licensed lawyers representing the principal accused of federal crimes within the United Arab Emirates.

During the past seven years, our office dealt with more than (3000) three thousand criminal cases, whether it was murder, rape, trafficking, drug use, theft, fraud, treachery, trust, or returned checks. Our office also has a team of lawyers licensed before all state courts working with our clients until the case file is closed, whether it was done by the court of first instance, appeal or even the Supreme Court. One of our most important principles is to ensure that our clients are represented fairly and equitably during all stages of the cases.

Our attorneys are trained to deal with criminal cases since the beginning of the police interrogation and through the investigations of the public prosecution and criminal courts. They submit a request to sponsor the accused and submit warrants, defense and challenges in all criminal cases.