About us

Advocacy is enlightened thought and fine art, and it is justice and uprightness, and it is the help of the oppressed and it is the venerable of its supreme mission and it is the profession in which the pursuit of wealth merges with the performance of duty where merit and power are inseparable.


Advocacy is the art of pilgrimage, argument, proof, and persuasion. The pioneers of philosophy were attorneys with their arguments, high language, and insight. And many poets were attorneys with the tools of language, rhetoric, and acumen. The lawyer’s work is not the final act of conflict It is the work of the judge.




Who are we?


A legal institution that you can trust and rely on when you need the best legal solutions, when facing a foreign court because of its long-standing experiences between knowledge and practical experience.


We put in your hands 15 years of practical success and professional career.


We work honestly and faithfully, and our goal in the first place is the interest of our clients. We also believe that the legal profession is one of the professions in which sincerity must be of the highest and most important goals.


Advocacy is the message of truth and justice – a profession of honor, dignity and struggle, a fine art, it always transcends all arts, its existence extends from the noblest meanings and the holiest values and the most honorable purposes and goals.


Advocacy is one of the necessities of justice and one of the necessities of its achievement.


We are Juma Al Naqbi Law Firm and Legal Consultations of the most prestigious and oldest law firms in the state, registered in all state courts and all levels, we firmly believe that the interest of our clients is one of our priorities in the work and we always strive to achieve the best results,


Our practical history attests to our skill and competence in various branches of law.


Our team has been chosen with great care in an effort to find the best legal solutions for our clients. We have a teamwork that is professional, homogeneous, listener, creative and productive.


Our practical history bears witness to our continued success in the criminal judiciary and recovery cases, as we have a rich history in commercial cases, civil disputes, personal status cases and labor issues, and we have a distinct method of understanding and studying all of our clients ’files, we differ radically from all traditional methods-we read, We understand, realize and create to find the best solutions that suit our clients best interests.


The Juma Al-Naqbi Law Firm and Legal Consultancy appreciates the importance of the trained work team, and for this our clients can rely on our extensive scientific and practical experience in the thorny legal fields, We are a legal institution that provides legal services in a range of languages, including but not limited to Arabic, English, French, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi and Filipino.



Our message


We believe that the legal profession is to preserve rights and protect freedoms, so we firmly believe that the interest of our clients is in the highest degree, so our institution has always taken care and professional effort to obtain the best legal results.



Our core values




We believe that communication with integrity and transparency is the foundation for success in any distinguished professional relationship




We always strive to achieve impressive results with high quality and skill for all of our customers




 Achieving justice represents the pinnacle of our commitment and the priorities of our work to our firm confidence that achieving and preserving justice leads to the establishment of a society in which reassurance and security and peace prevail in order to achieve the desired progress


Honesty and integrity


We work to promote the values of honesty, integrity and trust in Juma Al-Naqbi Law Firm and Legal Consultations, and we firmly believe in the importance of honesty, trust and mutual respect. We also realize the importance and necessity for our customers to feel confident, and for this reason we place on our shoulders the full responsibility to build and maintain the desired trust with our customers